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Project Management Platform

Arc ensures that your team maintains complete visibility over its value creation program.  All "tops-down" insights are supported by bottoms-up detail provided by your team.  Each project contains discrete security permissions to ensure that your data remains secure - especially important in situations where headcount actions may be required.


Arc is highly customizable and built on top of independent software providers: Smartsheet + Microsoft.  This means your organization maintains full control of its data and is never "locked in" to working with Arcos Group or any other consulting firm.

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Top-down view of impact in the Program Cockpit

The program cockpit is the starting point for your project management platform.  Typically, this dashboard will include a top-down summary describing how the program is progressing including summaries of program health and total EBITDA pipeline.

See impact projections for your entire program

Dashboards summarizing financial impact over time allow the management team to assess the phasing of value being generated by the program.  Metrics vary, but most programs include a combination of dashboards for this purpose.  Segmented impacts over time and actual vs. forecasted impacts over time are typical.

All dashboards come equipped with the ability to drill through to view annual, quarterly, or monthly impacts.  Data slicers are often used to create useful data summaries (e.g. all projects in the "people" workstream).


Drill down into individual projects

The project dashboard acts as both a presentation tool and a point of data entry.  It contains detailed business case information, project plan and other status information critical to understanding progress of the initiative.  All project workspaces are capable of discrete sharing permissions, ensuring that data is secure, both inside and outside of your organization. 

Collaborate in the cloud

All dashboards are housed in a cloud environment, eliminating revision control issues and enabling the team to easily review historical data on-command.  Smartsheet's rich feature set also includes a dynamic project planning feature set that enables useful capabilities like baseline setting, dependencies and automated approval work flows.


User friendly experience

Don't waste time climbing the learning curve with yet another tool. If you know how to use Excel, you'll see lots of similar functionality in this platform and be up and running quickly.

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