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Enterprise Transformation at global commercial real estate brokerage

We helped a client identify, plan and deliver a $190M+ EBITDA cost transformation program in response to disruption introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic

Results and Impact

Our client delivered $190M+ in incremental EBITDA through execution of 60+ transformative initiatives.  These initiatives included updates to compensation structure, shared service center delivery model and rationalization of a global real estate portfolio. 

Image by Alexander Schimmeck


Client operated in the real estate brokerage space with revenues exceeding $5B.  Unexpected disruption to business activity induced by COVID-19 created a need to accelerate cost transformation initiatives.

Image by Edwin Hooper


Our team supported execution of a series of idea generation workshops to capture the best ideas within the organization.  We then worked with the project teams to develop project plans and business cases with detailed financial impact phasing.,  We then developed a transformation management platform using Smartsheet and Power BI to manage the program, providing regular read outs to the CEO to monitor progress.

Image by Carlos Muza
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