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Commercial Due Diligence examining a SaaS target on behalf of a Silicon Valley PE fund

We helped a private equity fund size and segment the market for a B2B technology player.  Our insights gave the deal team additional insight needed to complete the transaction and informed strategic priorities in post-merger integration.

Results and Impact

Our findings revealed that the B2B software provider was operating in a highly lucrative market with comparatively weak competitors.  While cost pressure was a concern, our findings suggested the market would continue to grow as more customers migrated away from "pen and paper" and toward advanced technology solutions like those offered by the target.

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A Silicon Valley-based private equity fund with $15B+ under management approached one of our consultants asking for support in executing commercial due diligence.  Our team executed the project in a two-week time frame with limited follow-on requests during week three. 

Business Meeting


Our diligence included 15 interviews of CXOs and careful examination of 3rd party research reports related to the space.  Coupling these insights with web-search of publicly available records enabled our team to develop a detailed view of the market, including segmentation, expected growth and market share over time.  Our findings were synthesized into a management prestation with read-outs performed at weekly intervals.

Taking Notes
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